Annual Running of the Dragon

Oriental NC is the place to be on New Year’s Eve.  If you want to experience a relaxed vacation with a bit of fun thrown in for New Year’s, then book a vacation rental here at River Neuse Suites in Oriental, NC and get ready to have some fun!

Long cherished as a beloved town mascot, the “official” Oriental Dragon (pictured above) makes its annual appearance for Oriental’s Annual Running of the Dragon. 

The Running of the Dragon is exactly what it sounds like.  The town’s mascot – a glittering and shiny forty foot monster – awakes from an eleven month hibernation to make her annual New Year’s Eve appearance in the streets of the village where she greets citizens and visitors alike and offers good luck to all who follow her merrily up and down the streets. 

As many pairs of feet as feel compelled jump under the dragon all along her route to help propel her through the streets.  The dragon is joyfully accompanied by her hundreds of admirers who bang on pots and pans, blow kazoos and beat on drums to help “chase away” any evil spirits that might lurk nearby.  A gentle touch from one of her mighty fangs is a guarantee for luck and good fortune for the coming year. 

At 11:30 the mighty dragon makes her second appearance, this time accompanied by a “younger distant cousin.”  We understand that the youngster gets into the moment by dancing with abandon as she follows her more regal older cousin through the village.  Both dragons “run” the streets of Oriental and share in the joy and festivites of the occasion.  Restaurants nearby offer New Year’s Eve parties with good food, live bands and dancing.

Oriental is a destination of choice for a unique, off-season vacation and our vacation rentals offer the perfect, waterfront location from which to venture forth.  Reservations should be made well in advance as hotels and restaurants book early.

The “Younger Cousin”

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