Our Mystery Guest Weekend Giveaway is Solved!

Congratulations to Jessica and Jason Nelson – the winners of our complimentary two night giveaway here at River Neuse Suites.  Jessica guessed immediately after our first clue (or at least she said she hoped she was the winner). 

The owners wanted to say a big “thank you” to Jessica and Jason.  Because of a video of their wedding and the reception – which was held here at River Neuse Suites – we’ve booked close to two dozen weddings in the past two years.

We have a simple program that offers the use of our lawn FOR FREE when a bride’s guests book all fourteen rooms of our beautifully appointed boutique motel.  If the bride decides to hold the reception on our lawn and her wedding ceremony in Lou-Mac park across the street on the Neuse River, the free wedding and reception venues can save a young couple a bundle!

In June of 2011, Jessica and Jason decided to tie the knot at Lou-Mac park.  After a lovely waterfront ceremony, guests strolled across the street to our lawn where a beautiful reception was set up thanks to the efforts of Flora Moorman from DownEast Destinations.  Flora, a delightful and affordable wedding planner, helped bring Jessica’s vision to life.  The video of the wedding and ceremony created quite a stir when prospective brides saw it posted on our website.  The resulting calls brought many happy young couples to share their day with us.  Our hotel in Oriental, NC is the perfect place for your outdoor wedding. 

To view Jessica and Jason’s video, follow this link:  http://vimeo.com/26437084 
To contact Flora Moorman, call (252) 675-9424

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