Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a blessed and very Merry Christmas!
And we want you to have a fabulous New Year as well
So come “Chase The Dragon!”

Every New Year’s Eve, Oriental, NC holds its Annual Running of the Dragon.  As shown in this photo, folks from all around come join this merry celebration for a chance to gently touch one of the grand old lady’s teeth.  This guarantees you much good luck for the coming year!

Our thirty foot dragon leaves her lair every New Year’s Eve at around 11:00 to undulate up and down Hodges Street where she’s accompanied by pennant bearers, drums and kazoos.  And all her admirers blow on noise makers or bang on pots and pans to “chase away any lurking evil spirits.”  It’s a noisy and fun way to celebrate New Year’s Eve here in Oriental, NC!

And that’s not all!  This grand old lady has invited her younger cousin to visit and that dragon makes an appearance earlier in the evening as she dances through the streets.  It’s a great time to visit Oriental so come stay overnight in a comfortable room with us here at River Neuse Suites – our hotel here in Oriental, NC is a great spot to stay while you enjoy the local entertainment!