Oriental NC’s First Annual Ol’ Front Porch Music Fest Coming in September

Back years ago, folks would gather on the porch of Lucille and Billy Truitt’s porch.  Back years ago, that porch led into a wonderful old store with a maze of aisles and “all kinds of stuff” to pick up and ponder on.  Back then, the Old Store was a gathering place, a place to share news and a place to pick up the latest gossip.  Back then, when folks gathered on the porch of the ol’ store, someone would start picking and someone would start singing.

The Old Store is long gone but the memory of those good times lingers on.  In memory of that comfortable, down home, “everybody’s welcome” era, Oriental will host its first ever Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival.

This event will take place on Saturday, September 13th.  Musicians will perform on front porches up and down Hodges Street.  Talented craftsmen and artists will display their creations along the waterfront.  Since Hodges Street is in the center of our village, restaurants and shops will be within walking distance of the venue. 

It’s gonna be a great way to spend the day, just relaxing and walking along the waterfront while you listen to some great pickin’ and singin.’  Come stay with us at River Neuse Suites Hotel in Oriental, NC and you’ll have yourself a great weekend.  We’ll save you a seat by the water!